Course Type: CIMA
"Uncovering Social Security Secrets"15
Agents & Advisors Key to Annuities & Ethical Conduct12
Alabama Long Term Care8
AML - Anti-Money Laundering for Insurance/Securities1
AML Under the New Fiduciary Rule1
Annuity & Life Principles8
Annuity / Life and Long-Term Care8
Annuity Replacement and Disclosure4
Arizona Partnership Long Term Care8
Arkansas Long Term Care8
Best Insurance Ethical Practices8
Business Continuation Plans 8
Business Ethics2
Buy-Sell and Annuity Principles 8
CA Annuity 4 Hour Certification Follow-Up Training4
California 8 Hour Annuity Certification Training8
CFP Board Ethics Course2
Charitable Gifts8
Client Records & Confidentiality6
Code Of Ethics And Professional Responsibility8
Colorado Long Term Care General8
Colorado NAIC Annuity Suitability Model4
Contemporary Insurance Topics8
Contemporary Insurance Topics - Florida8
Contemporary Insurance Topics - New York (Bridge Course)8
Delaware Partnership Long Term Care Follow-Up Training3
Disability Income Applications6
District of Columbia NAIC Annuity Suitability Model4
Elder Care Issues4
Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans8
Estate Planning Basics8
Ethics in the Insurance Marketplace4
Ethics: A Personal and Professional Code of Conduct 8
Fixed Indexed Product Training4
FL 8 hr Partnership LTC8
FL Suitability of Life Ins and Annuity Transactions for Seniors3
Florida Partnership Long Term Care 4 hour Follow-up Training4
Florida Senior Suitability3
Funding Insurance with Equipment Leasing8
Funding Insurance with Income from Reverse Mortgages8
Funding Insurance with non-traded REITS8
Funding Insurance with Oil and Gas Income8
Georgia Long Term Care Partnership8
Hawaii Insurance Rules & Regulations - L&H5
Health & Life Concepts 8
Health Care for Seniors8
Health, Life & LTC Protection6
High Interest Solutions using Low Interest Rates11
HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act)6
How Fixed, Variable, and Index Annuity Contract Provisions...4
IA LTC & The Asset Preservation Program8
ID LTC Partnership 8
Idaho Partnership Long Term Care Follow-up4
Indexed Annuities8
Indexed Variable Annuities - Agent Ethical Decisions6
Indiana 5 Hour Long Term Care5
Individual & Federal Health Insurance Programs8
Insurance Ethics #12
Insurance Ethics #2 3
Insurance Ethics #31
Insurance Industry Fraud8
Insurance Marketing Issues8
Insurance Responsibilities4
Iowa Annuity Suitability Model Training4
Kentucky Partnership Long Term Care8
Life and Long-Term Care Concepts8
Life Settlements8
Long Term Care6
Long Term Care in Indiana8
Long Term Care Initial Training3
Long Term Care Partnership8
Louisiana Long Term Care Partnership8
LTC Partnership 8 hr Initial Training8
MA Eligibility & The LTC Partnership Program8
Managed Health Care6
Mature Markets 8
Medical Assistance Eligibility & The LTC Partnership Program8
Medical Assistance Eligibility and the LTC Partnership Program - 4 Hours4
Medicare & Medicare Supplements8
Medicare, Long-Term Care & Disability8
Michigan 8 Hour Long Term Care Course8
Montana Long Term Care & Partnership Programs8
NAIC Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulations4
Nebraska LTC Partnership8
New Hampshire Long Term Care8
New Jersey Partnership Long Term Care8
North Carolina Partnership Long-Term Care8
Oklahoma 2011 Legislative Updates2
Oklahoma Annuity Suitability Model Training4
Oklahoma Legislative Updates - 20092
Oklahoma Legislative Updates 20192
Oklahoma Legislative Updates 20202
OR Long Term Care Partnership8
Oregon Statutes & Regulations3
PA LTC Partnership Program & Medicaid8
Partnership Long Term Care Follow up Training4
Pennsylvania Medicaid Long Term Care Services1
Preferred Practices8
Principles of Long-Term Care 8
Protection, the Confidence Multiplier10
Retirement Income Distribution Planning8
Retirement Income Solutions4
Retirement Starts and Ends with a Plan8
Rhode Island Partnership Long Term Care8
Saving and Paying for College8
South Carolina Partnership Long Term Care8
South Carolina Partnership Long Term Care Follow-up Training4
South Dakota Partnership Long Term Care8
South Dakota Partnership Long Term Care Follow Up Training4
Suitability and Ethical Decisions8
Suitability Best Practices8
Suitability Best Practices (Bridge Course)8
Suitability Issues You Can’t Ignore8
Tennessee Partnership Long Term Care8
Tennessee Partnership Long Term Care Follow up Training4
Texas Annuity Training Course4
Texas Partnership Long Term Care8
The Active Senior Lifestyle Market8
The Insurance Marketplace8
The Latest on Medicare Choices3
The Stretch IRA7
Trust & Transfer Techniques8
Uncovering Social Security Secrets15
Variable, Indexed, Fixed Annuities, Living Benefits and 28218
Vermont Long Term Care Partnership Program and Medicaid8
WA LTC Initial 8 Hour Course8
WA LTC Refresher 4 hour Course4
West Virginia Partnership Long Term Care8
WI Partnership LTC & Wisconsin Medicaid Training8
Winning the AML Battle1
Wisconsin Partnership Long Term Care Follow up Training4
Wisconsin Annuity Training4
Wyoming Partnership Long Term Care8

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