Verify and Track Your Producers’ Completions of
NAIC Product-Specific Training and Insurance CE
with The Success Management System (SMS)
· Do you need to verify completion for product-specific
training courses?
· Are you aware of the new tracking requirements for product-
specific training and NAIC Annuity Training, Long-Term
Care, Ethics, Laws/Regulations and other CE now required
by states and the NAIC?
· Have all of your producers completed their new state CE
requirements for license renewal?
Solve These Problems with The Success Management System!
Whether you want to have your producers complete their
product-specific training and NAIC CE courses with
instructor-led (classroom) or online, Success CE has the
Keep your producers promoting your products!
We offer the
Success Management System (SMS)
to help
you track your producers’ product training and CE progress to
keep them in compliance. Available for both live (classroom)
and online formats!
SMS Tracking Features
1. Alarm Technology
Alert licensees when their CE
requirements are coming up and help
them stay in compliance.
2. Knowledge Track
Track all of your insurance agents and/or
financial advisors’ completions with
Life/Health plus Property/Casualty, CFP,
and other licenses.
3. Course Knowledge Track
Track by separate course completions
such as state-specific required CE for
Annuity Training, LTC, and Ethics.
4. Total Completion Track
Track to ensure all reps have met their
renewal requirements even with the new
state and NAIC requirements.
5. Branch/Territory Knowledge Track
Track by geographical location.
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Customized and Co-Branded website for your producers to complete their
product-specific training.
Customized and Co-Branded website for your producers to complete ALL of
their state CE requirements.
Success Track -- The online tracking software for product-specific training and
state-specific CE.
Success Live Track -- The tracking software for Live CE (Instructor-Led
Classroom) CE and product-specific training.
All state-specific Annuity Certification, Ethics, Long-Term Care, plus any other
state CE requirements included in one low package price.
Real-time reporting to your systems of producer completions for both
product-specific training and state CE requirements.
Client administration panel for report generation (7/24/365).