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Shelley Bell

Success Continuing Education Launches New Galaxy Learning Management System 2.0

--Newport Beach, CA – is very excited to announce the launch of the new Galaxy Learning Management System 2.0. “Our new LMS is taking Insurance Continuing Education technology to the next level. The LMS is a powerful tool that allows us to tailor our courses to fit almost any State or Federal requirement, and will be used to develop dynamic courses that offer the most user-friendly experience possible,” states Ryan Bell, LMS Developer.

The new Galaxy LMS boasts many features that are beneficial to the student, including time tracking, bookmarking, progress bars, interactive table of contents, and interactive quizzes with immediate feedback. Also, the system is compatible with iPads, tablets, and smartphones.

SuccessCE’s LMS is capable of tracking time spent on an exam, making it easy for a producer to enter and exit the system as needed. The automatic book-marking feature saves the client’s place in the course, so whether they come back an hour later or a week later, they can start right where they left off. This is especially valuable for producers in states that require a certain amount of seat time to receive Insurance Continuing Education credit.

The user-friendly features such as Progress Bars, an Interactive Table of Contents, and Interactive Quizzes with immediate feedback, make it easier for users to navigate around the entire course and find key points and answers. This is great for maximum retention and understanding of the material. The student can also recognize what subjects they understand, and those where extra study time is needed.

“Larger courses are broken down into sections, making them compatible with iPads, tablets, and Smartphones. This helps people with an on-the-go lifestyle tackle the bigger courses even if they don’t have a day off,” states Roger Bell, LMS Developer.

Galaxy LMS has the technology to update information across multiple formats and courses, making it practically instantaneous. With the ever changing requirements, statistics, and information, this technology ensures the student is always up-to-date.

In addition to all these great features, another important and exciting capability of the Galaxy LMS is the ability to host Classroom Equivalent Courses for Texas, Utah and Iowa. This new technology makes truly the one source needed for Continuing Education and Pre-Licensing. Not only can producers’ fulfill their online self-study hours, but also their Classroom or “classroom equivalent” hours, all on one website.

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