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Shelley Bell

SuccessCE Has Implemented New Technology Upgrades for the Annuity Suitability and Product Specific Training Platform

09/06/2012 -- Newport Beach, CA -- now has the technology to automatically place the correct Product Specific Training and Annuity Suitability courses in each producer’s account based on PST course approvals and state reciprocity! Producers no longer need to search through a multitude of courses to find the correct ones they need to complete.

“The Success Management System (SMS) offers real-time verification exports and the option of real-time data interfaces with carrier systems. This allows for easy verification and tracking of producers’ completions of Annuity Suitability CE and Product-Specific Training,” states Johnny Adams, I.T. Director.

With the SuccessCE system, you do not need to waste administrative time by scrolling through multitudes of producers in the Administration Panel. With our program it is quick and easy to search for an individual producer to check his or her completions.

With our auto-placement technology and easy search mechanism, our Product Specific Training Platform is considered the best in the industry.

With the verification exports, Carriers can see if their Producers are compliant with both Annuity Suitability and Product Specific Training, and confidently reflect these completions to regulators.

Each advisor is provided with a customized training page, with Certificates of Completion available to print online in all states upon completion. SuccessCE also offers alarm technology to notify students of upcoming requirements for Product Specific Training.

Success Continuing Education has provided an industry-wide, one-source, “pay as you go” solution for Insurance Continuing Education and Product Specific Training!

“The NAIC Annuity Suitability course is approved in every state, and only $7.95,” states Jessie Booth, Director of Marketing. Keep up to date with Product Specific Training and Annuity Suitability deadlines at Click to view or download a PDF file of all current and pending requirements!

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