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Shelley Bell

The Success Family of CE Companies Announces New LTC Insurance Continuing Education Course for Oklahoma Partnership for Long-Term Care

Newport Beach, CA, May 2009 -- SuccessCE is pleased to announce the availability of a new long-term care partnership training program: Oklahoma Partnership for Long-Term Care Prerequisite Insurance Continuing Education On-line Course.

This course, titled “Oklahoma Partnership Long Term Care,” is approved by the Oklahoma Partnership for Long-Term Care as meeting the insurance continuing education LTC requirement for the Oklahoma Medicaid Long Term Care program. Agents licensed prior to July 1, 2008 must complete the initial 8-hour NAIC Partnership training course by July 1, 2009, or prior to marketing the LTC products in Oklahoma. Agents licensed after July 1, 2008 must complete the insurance continuing education course by July 14, 2009 or prior to marketing long term care insurance in Oklahoma.

As with all Success CE courses, this insurance continuing education course is approved and also meets all state requirements. State Specific Insurance Continuing Education Courses

State Specific Insurance Continuing Education Courses

  • Courses must be approved for lines of insurance for which license is held.
  • Licensees, except Adjusters, must complete 2 hours in ethics as part of their basic requirement, but not more than 4 hours; and 2 hours are required in Electives as part of basic requirements
  • All Oklahoma licensed resident insurance producers who sell federal flood insurance policies must satisfy the minimum training and education requirement by completing a one-time course related to the NFIP, which may be approved for 3 hours of insurance continuing education credit by the Oklahoma Insurance Department.

“We feel that the significant insurance continuing education content available for companies and producers will add to the knowledge base of both, and better serve their clients’ insurance needs,” states Carol Seguin, Division Head of SuccessCE, a division of The Success Family of CE Companies. “We all know that Americans are living longer than ever, reaching anew life expectancies of longer than 78 years. This makes long-term care insurance critical to them as well as a valuable investment.”

SuccessCE’s insurance continuing education course is offered for online self-study, so agents can complete the training at their own pace. This course is designed to explore the conditions that have led us to the point where long term care is receiving front-page attention. The emotional and physical impact such dependence evokes and the alternatives available to those who find themselves in this position are discussed.

This insurance continuing education long term care course covers many state specific rules and/or laws related to long term care policies issued in Oklahoma including:

  • State and federal regulations and requirements and the relationship between qualified state long-term care insurance partnership programs and other public and private coverage of long-term care services, including Medicaid
  • Available long-term care services and providers
  • Changes or improvements in long-term care services or providers
  • Alternatives to the purchase of private long-term care insurance
  • The effect of inflation on benefits and the importance of inflation protection
  • Consumer suitability standards and guidelines
  • Contract requirements for partnership long term care policies
  • Advantages to the consumer of purchasing a partnership long term care policy

The development of this insurance continuing education course continues the Success CE commitment to high quality and knowledge based courses to improve the knowledge of agents nationwide.

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